2002 Season

Disaster strikes the Martin Web Cam


A windstorm on May 15th 2002 shook the Coates birdhouse so violently that 16 of the 30 eggs were destroyed.  All 5 eggs in the Martin Nest-Cam were broken.  We registered a gust of over 50 mph here and it was too much for the lightweight telescoping pole on the house.  The pole shook violently enough to loosen the set screws on the pole.  After the storm we found it down at the 6 foot level.  See photos captured by the Martin House-Cam below.

             5 eggs before the storm                               11 AM  - Looks like a normal day    






            3 PM  - Windstorm has started                4 PM - House is twisted and sliding down





4:17 Pm  - Still blowing almost gone              4:22 PM - Below the camera view       






They still like it!



Both houses are now guyed all four directions with 1/8" steel cable, like a couple of little radio towers.  This is not recommended for Martin houses, but is obviously necessary at this hilltop location.  Next year I hope to replace the poles with heavy weight pipe and a winch system.  The female has started nesting again, so hopefully they will give it another try in the new and improved birdhouse.